• What to Wear: Casual Dress for College Men Working Part-time on Campus

    Men who know what to wear have more success even when holding part-time campus jobs. Though the most call for a casual dress code, it is still important to look professional from a custom essay writing company. With a little thought and planning, it is not hard to strike a balance.

    DO: Wear clothes that fit Loose-fitting clothes do little to flatter you and look sloppy while clothing that is too tight is also detrimental to your appearance. No matter what you choose to wear, ensure that it fits you well. Try on multiple outfits if needed to get one that suits your body type.

    DO: Dress for the weather Since many on-campus jobs require outside walking, it is important to dress for the weather. For warmer days, light, button-up shirts and breathable polos are a great option. Pants are less negotiable, but choose lighter fabrics that allow for plenty of airflow.

    DON’T: Mistake casual for sloppy Err on the side of overdressing if you are not sure what your employer expects of you. Avoid jeans with holes, stained shirts and similar faux pas. Take at least one part of your outfit a notch up in formality. Opt for a polo over a t-shirt, or a pair of nice shoes over your sneakers.

    DON’T: Forget grooming Employers with casual dress codes do tend to be more lenient with beards, hair length and other grooming. Remember to keep your beard trimmed and your longer hair neat. Even if your employer never explicitly tells you to do so, keeping your overall appearance tidy is always a plus.

    Looking professional is an important part of succeeding, and part-time campus jobs are no exception. Dressing appropriately takes just minimal effort, but men who know what to wear leave a lasting impression.

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